Form Demon

680 XP

MP Cost: 2 per HD of demon
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: One hour
Range: Evil Eye
Target: One willing demon of maximum HD = level
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Perform (ritual) check: DC 10 + (½ x demon’s HD) + demon’s Constitution modifier
Prerequisites: Permanent Sorcery, magic attack bonus +4, master of words and signs or demonic pact, summon demon

Some sorcerers, or their clients, prefer to clothe their demonic allies and servitors in the form of men, so as to more easily allow them to carry out their work on Earth. This also has the advantage that the demon need not be summoned up on a regular basis, which would risk the consequence of runaway magic. Form demon can only be cast on a willing demon, which must be prepared to give up its power to flit from the Outer Dark or hell to Earth and back in exchange for more-or-less permanent residency on Earth. The sorcerer must make a [[[Perform (ritual)]] check with a DC of 10 + (½ x demon’s HD) + demon’s Constitution modifier, or the spell fails. If the check is successful the demon loses the Manifest power but becomes immune to the effects of the banish outsider spell as a result. Furthermore, a demon affected by form demon may not be dismissed by means of one of the instant spells that can be formulated by a sorcerer who knows the master of words and signs spell. Any hostile sorcerer wishing to banish a demon affected by form demon must use a bind demon spell instead, which is both more difficult to learn and far more costly to cast.

Material Components: A handful of earth, plus assorted sorcerous paraphernalia costing 100 silver pieces per HD of the demon.

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