From Shadow To Shadow

Umbra Magic
510 XP

MP Cost: 5
Components: V, S
Casting Time: One standard action
Range: Personal
Target: Self
Duration: Varies
Prerequisites: Eyes Umbral, Shadows Embrace
Magic Attack Roll: Sets the maximum time available for travel

This spell opens a brief portal to the Outer Darkness and allows the sorcerer to traverse through the void, moving from one place to the next without heed to obstacles or terrain. The caster must be immersed in shadow for this spell to work, as the darkness opens up to him and swallows his body. For the next few moments the sorcerer is placed in a shadowy realm of darkness that flows and swirls around him, revealing the lighted world’s shadows as windows to look out and choose where to exit the shadow realm. No amount of terrain, obstacles or mundane Defenses can stop the travel created by From Shadow to Shadow, the sorcerer simply disappears within one shadow and emerges from another one seconds later. Only arcane wards and well-lit areas can protect from the effects of this spell. The sorcerer must compare his magic attack roll on the following table, as this shows how long he is allowed to stay inside the shadow realm before the supernatural cold begins to kill them. The caster can move normally during this time but ignores all mundane objects and beings in the real world, exiting into any shadow large enough to create a five foot square before the duration lapses. For every round the character remains in the shadow realm after his time is up, he loses 1d2 temporary Constitution, dying when he reaches zero.

~Magic Attack Result ~Time Limit
10 or less No access; Spell fails
11 – 15 1d3 combat rounds
16 – 20 1d4 + 1 combat rounds
21 – 25 1d6 + 1 combat rounds
26 – 30 1d8 + 1 combat rounds
31 or higher One minute
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