Get Of Crias
Get of Crias Tribe
Plural Get
Modifiers +2 Strength
Special Abilities Sword Bonus, Save Bonus
Disadvantages Self-Reliant, Superstitious
Homeland The Lower Hills
Language Get Pronunciation, Get Names
The Get of Crias are descended from the ancient Aslanti, with dark hair and blue, green, or grey eyes. Their skin is on the dark side of fair and tans easily if ever they leave the gloomy mountains of their home. They are tall, physically powerful and very fierce, being regarded as one of the most barbaric tribes in the world. Unlike most women, the Get's women fight alongside their menfolk, even in war. The Get tend to be direct to the point of bluntness.

Culture: The Get are regarded as one of the most fierce and savage peoples in the world yet many in the far north regard them as semi-mythical. They do not respect weakness or civilized softness, and what they do not respect they’d just as soon kill as leave it alone. Even Get women display this savage strength, fighting alongside the men in battle. The Get are organized on the basis of clans and tribes and do not build cities. Primarily hunters and gatherers, the Get are also raiders and plunderers, striking north into the Border Kingdoms, east into the Sea of Grass and even south into the frosty realms of the Skrailings and the Eld. The Get also raid amongst themselves, fighting blood-feuds and stealing cattle or wives. Battle for the Get of Crias is a way of life and the mark of manhood. The Get scream out a strange, ululating battle-cry when a battle is joined, an eerie sound that strikes fear into the soft hearts of their enemies.

The songs of the Get tend to be somber dirges inspired by their dark moods and the grey lands surrounding them. The Get do not hope that the gods will help them nor do they ask for aid from any source, divine or mortal. They are a practical people of tradition, custom and honor. Cimmerians are solemn folk and do not boast of victories, which would be considered prideful and rude, and an invitation to be forced to prove themselves. Unlike the Skrailings, the Get do not feast in a loud, boisterous fashion and they do not engage in "friendly" brawls when drunk. If a Get of Crias fights, he kills.

The Get do not practice refined sword-play, but battle with well-earned experience bought in blood on numerous battlefields where survival is not so much a matter of technical skill as it is intense spirit and indomitable will. Even the children do not pick up sticks to pretend at fighting. Fighting is a serious business among the Get. That attitude makes the Get polite to one another, although they lose none of their blunt directness in that courtesy. Impoliteness is an invitation to a quick fight to the death.

Religion: Crias, the Goddess of the Moon is the chief god of the Get, for obvious reasons. Others include Crom-Cruach, ‘Lord of the Mound,’ Lyr, the god of knowledge, Badb, the goddess of war, and Morrigon ‘The Venomous’. The Get do not truly worship these gods, believing that the gods despise weaklings who call on them for help. Creating the human race was gift enough. As a result, they are often skeptical of more demonstrative forms of worship.

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