Prerequisites: Cleave
XP Cost: 300

Starting Ability

The gladiator chooses a single weapon that he is proficient with. This is considered his Weapon of Choice. He gains a bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls with that weapon equal to half his character level. That weapon may not be sundered and the gladiator may not be disarmed of it while he is wielding it. Once per encounter, he may reroll a failed attack when using this weapon. Once every twenty-four hours, the gladiator may select a new weapon by spending five minutes practicing with it.


All in the Wrist
XP Cost: 1,620
As a swift action, you may a melee attack at your full attack bonus. If you successfully hit, you may take a 5' step immediately.

Battlefield Momentum
XP Cost: 270
Anytime you successfully connect with an attack of opportunity, you may also immediately take a 5' step, even if you have already used one for the round.

Fancy Footwork
XP Cost: 1,350
You may take an extra 5' step each round as an swift action. In addition, when taking the 5' step you may take normally, you may move 10' instead.

XP Cost: 810
Once per day, you may change your weapon of choice to any other in your possession as a swift action. In addition, you gain a +4 bonus to all combat maneuvers with your weapon of choice.

Pit Fighter
XP Cost: 1,620
Anytime you make an attack of opportunity you may make 2 attacks at your full attack bonus, rather than a single attack.

Redirected Charge
XP Cost: 810
You may charge over difficult terrain and may make one direction change of up to 90 degrees during a single charge.

Shake it Off:
XP Cost: 1,620
Once per encounter as an immediate action, you may remove one of the following conditions from yourself, even if the condition would prevent you from doing so: ability damage, blinded, confused, dazed, dazzled, deafened, entangled, fatigued, nauseated, paralyzed, poisoned, sickened, staggered, and stunned.

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