Greater Eye Of Light And Darkness

340 XP

MP Cost: 30 + 1 permanent
Components: V, S, F, M
Casting time: Four hours
Range: Touch
Area: One mile radius per level
Duration: Mortal
Saving throw: Will partial
Prerequisite: Lesser Eye of Light and Darkness
Magic attack roll: Sets DC for Will save

Eye-like sigil must be worked in a very hard material for this spell to work. It must then be place at least 10 feet above the ground. Casting of the spell must be timed four hours before the moonrise, the chanting reaching its highest point as the moon rises. The blood of an innocent (someone with no Taint) is then used to fill the pupil of the eye. The sorcerer then gives the eye one of his Basic MPs, forever losing one BMP and granting the eye its great power. The complete eye fills the area of effect with invisible energy that smites agents and servants of fell powers mercilessly. Undead, Outsiders and creatures with Taint 10+ need to make a Will save to enter the area of effect. Every failed attempt to enter and every hour spent within the area causes one point of Wisdom drain to such beings. They as well lose one MP if they have any. Those drained to Wisdom 0 by this barrier are destroyed. Further, all spells that create undead, summon demons or in any way call or contact other creatures from beyond are automatically dispelled. Casters of such spells lose MPs normally, but produce no effect. Creatures with Manifest ability are unable to use it in the area of effect. Beings with any Taint score feel severely weakened within the area of effect, receiving penalty equal to their Taint at all rolls. Like with the lesser eye, during this time, the mental effects of Taint cease temporarily, giving time for painful memories and guilt to emerge. The effect of this spell does not penetrate more than 20 feet of rock or other dense materials. Thus deep caverns are not subject to the effect of the eye if it is placed on the surface - nor surface subject to an eye placed deep underground.

Material component: 350 HD’s worth of willing sacrifices that have all done the Unspeakable Oath.
Focus: Nine stone monoliths or towers.

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