Greater Warding

680 XP

MP Cost: 4
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: One full round
Range: Touch
Target: One spell or creature
Duration: Instantaneous, up to one hour plus one hour per level or until used, depending on version chosen
Prerequisites: Arcana 10 ranks, Warding
Magic Attack Roll: Opposes opponent’s magic attack roll

Greater warding has two modes of use. The first acts like a warding spell that can be cast on another creature, immediately countering any spell or spells affecting it if the sorcerer can succeed at a magic attack roll opposing the magic attack roll of the sorcerer who originally cast the spell. The second use acts like a one-use warding spell that can be transferred to another creature. Unlike warding and the first use of greater warding, it may be cast in advance, in which case it comes into effect as soon as another sorcerer attempts to cast a spell on the subject. After one use, it stops working.

Material Components: Paints and oils worth 50 silver pieces with which to inscribe protective runes on the subject.

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