Ground Rot

Northern Magic
170 XP

MP Cost: 3+
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: Three standard actions
Range: One yard per 3 MPs
Target: Specific patch of solid ground
Duration: Days equal to sorcerer’s level
Saving Throw: Reflexes. DC equals sorcerer’s level + MPs of the spell
Prerequisites: Knowledge (nature) 5 ranks

With this spell the sorcerer rots the ground beneath the feet of an opponent, creating a fetid, muddy pit filled with insects, maggots and putrescent larvae. When cast, the victim sinks into the pit of rotten material at a rate of 1 foot per Combat Round unless he can extricate himself with a Reflexes saving throw. The DC for the Reflexes saving throw is the sorcerer’s level plus the number of MPs invested in the spell; every time the saving throw is failed, the next saving throw is made at a DC of one higher than the last. Whilst fighting the rotting ground the victim can make no other actions. Alternatively he may take another action but is unable to fight the pit’s pull, sinking at one foot per Combat Round. When the victim has been swallowed (usually after five or six Combat Rounds, depending on his height) he starts to suffocate. The rotten ground has a radius of one yard for every 3 MPs invested in the spell. Multiple targets can therefore be affected by one casting.

Material Component: A bag of earth taken from a grave. One bag is enough to affect one yard of unsullied ground.

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