Starting Culture: Nomad

Gypsies are a nomadic subculture known for their fortune-telling abilities and strange connection to the supernatural. On Galadran, Gypsies are mistrusted as spies and thieves, but are valued as black marketers or smugglers.

Gypsies make the following adjustments to their culture:

Remove the Unpredictable ability.

Remove the Bowlegged ability.

Dabbler: Choose a sorcery style from the following: Counterspells, Curses, or Divination. Once a day, you may you may make a Knowledge (arcana) check to recall a small amount of sorcerous lore that could prove useful to your current situation. You do not have a true, permanent understanding of the style you access in this way but you are able to remember just enough to have an attempt at using the sorcery in question. The DC of the check is 15 for Basic Spells, or 25 for Advanced Spells. You need not meet any prerequisites for the style, except those that require a certain number of ranks of a particular skill. If you succeed in the check, select an appropriate sorcerous effect from among the advanced and basic spells derived from that style, to which you are granted temporary access – enough to cast once and once only. You expend Magic Points to cast the spell as usual. If you do not already have any Magic Points you immediately acquire a Base PP of 2 + Wisdom modifier.

Untrusted: The initial reaction of other cultures will never be better than Unfriendly.

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