Hands Of Death

Serpent Magic
850 XP

MP Cost: 4
Components: V, S
Casting Time: One standard action
Range: Personal
Target: Self
Duration: One minute per level
Prerequisites: Touch of Power, magic attack bonus +5, Slither.

The hands of death spell warps either or both of the sorcerer’s forearms into venomous serpents. He can see through the eyes of the snakes and bite with their vicious fangs, making him a dangerous combatant. The snakes count as weapons being wielded by the sorcerer, but he cannot be disarmed. The sorcerer may add his magic attack bonus to his base attack bonus when fighting with the hands of death. If he turned both hands into serpents, then he gains the feats of Two-Weapon Combat and Improved Two-Weapon Combat for the duration of the spell. The snakes deal 1d6-1 damage on a successful hit, plus the sorcerer’s Strength modifier as normal, and anyone injured by a hand of death must make saving throws against poison as follows:

  • Fortitude Saving Throw DC: 10 + the sorcerer’s Constitution modifier
  • Damage: 1d2 damage to Dexterity and 1d2 damage to Constitution
  • Saves (9): Immediate/1 round/1 round/1 minute/1 minute/10 minutes/30 minutes/1 hour/1 hour

The sorcerer may not wear any garments or armor on his arms when casting this spell, and he may not pick up any items or perform any action that requires the use of his hands (including casting spells with somatic or material Components) if he has transformed both arms. If the sorcerer’s hands are sundered (they have hardness equal to the sorcerer’s DR + 2 and hit points equal to the sorcerer’s total level) then the snake-head is cut away and the sorcerer finds himself missing a hand when the spell ends.

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