Heart Of Flames

Fire Magic, Basic
85 XP

MP Cost: 5
Threshold: 1
Components: None
Casting Time: One standard action
Range: Evil Eye
Target: Self
Duration: 10 minutes per level

This is the basic spell of fire sorcery. If this spell is not active, then the fire sorcerer cannot cast any spells from this style. To cast heart of flames, the sorcerer must meditate for at least one round on a source of fire. It can be as small as a candle-flame or as large as a burning city, but the sorcerer must be able to see a flame in order to use this spell. Once the spell is cast, the sorcerer may keep trying to attune himself to the fire by making Concentration checks as free actions, with a maximum of one try per round. He may take 10 or 20 on this check if conditions permit and may keep making checks as long as the fire is within range. Especially large or small fires affect the difficulty of attunement.

Fire Size Examples Concentration DC
Tiny Candle flame, glowing ember 25
Small Torch flame, campfire 20
Medium Hearth fire, blazing torch 15
Large Bonfire, forge 10
Huge Burning building, burning man 5
Gigantic Burning city 0

If the sorcerer makes a successful Concentration check, then a spark leaps from the flame and embeds itself in his eyes, causing them to glow red. The sorcerer may now use other spells that he knows from this sorcery style for the duration of the heart of flames spell. Furthermore, the sorcerer is now immune to all damage from non-magical fire. Splashing water in the sorcerer’s face forces the sorcerer to make a Reflex save (DC 15) – if this test is failed the spark of fire goes out. The Flame-Marked feat makes attunement easier.

As long as the sorcerer is attuned in this way, he may draw MP from the fire around him. When casting spells from the Fire Magic discipline, the sorcerer may make his casting check as a move action as long as there is a Small fire (see chart above) burning within 60ft. of him. If the fire is Medium size, the check may be made as a swift action. If the fire is Large, the check may be made as a free action. If the fire is Huge or larger, the check may be made as an immediate action. MP drawn in this way cannot be used to cast any spells other than Fire magic spells - if the sorcerer tries to cast any other type of spell, all MP gained in this way are immediately lost.

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