Cosmic Magic
510 XP

MP Cost: 40
Threshold: 3
Components: V, S
Casting Time: One hour
Range: Touch or Magical Link
Target: One creature
Duration: Until triggered
Saving Throw: None
Prerequisites: The Time is Right, Astrological Prediction

Casting a horoscope for an individual allows the sorcerer to foreshadow an event for that person. For example, a sorcerer casting a horoscope for an adventure could say ‘the jaws of the serpent will close upon you – beware!’ That adventurer would gain one Karma if he was ever in a situation that could be interpreted as ‘the jaws of the serpent closing upon him’. Alternatively, a sorcerer can cast a negative horoscope. If the events foreshadowed by a negative horoscope come to pass, then the target loses one Karma. Note that as the spell can be cast through a magical link, the sorcerer can curse a foe from afar without the foe being aware of the doom that is upon him. A sorcerer can only place a single horoscope on an individual. If that horoscope is triggered, then the sorcerer may later cast the spell again on that person. A character can carry multiple foreshadowings from horoscopes cast by different sorcerers.

The horoscope spell can be cast as a permanent spell, but only on a newborn child. It costs 1000 XP, 25 MP, a focus worth 500 silver pieces and 50 silver pieces’ worth of inks, scrolls and divinatory equipment. When cast in this fashion, the sorcerer may give three foreshadowings, which are triggered in order. The first two are discarded when triggered; the third will remain permanently on the character, but can only be triggered once per adventure. For example, if King Asteric had his birth horoscope cast, then it might have been ‘he will travel far from The Riverlands; his greatest love will perish, yet return; the crown will rest uneasily on his head’. Asteric would then have received one Karma when he left his homeland, one when his wife died and one whenever his rule of The Border Kingdoms was threatened or whenever he felt restless on the throne.

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