Icy Slumber

Frost Magic
510 XP

MP Cost: 20
Threshold: 1
Components: V, S
Casting Time: One standard action
Range: Touch
Target: One creature
Duration: Until revived
Saving Throw: Fortitude negates
Prerequisites: Chill Touch
Magic Attack Roll: Sets DC for opponent’s Fortitude save

The victim of an icy slumber must make a successful Fortitude save or have all the life drained from their body. If the saving throw is failed, the victim falls down and appears to be dead. He will remain in this comatose state until warmed, whereupon he may make another Fortitude saving throw against DC 15. If this is successful, the victim is revived safely. If the save fails, the victim permanently loses two points of Constitution and remains comatose. This check may be repeated every round until the warmth is removed. A Heal check may be made if the victim is being cared for by a physician, wrapped in blankets and so forth – the result of this skill check may be used instead of the victim’s Fortitude saving throw if it is higher. A comatose victim of icy slumber will be warmed naturally after a few hours in temperate climates, or a few minutes in hot lands. In the frozen north, though, the victim may slumber for many years, even centuries, before being discovered and restored. Although the victim of an icy slumber does not age while comatose, the DC of the Fortitude save to revive increases by +1 for every 10 years he remains frozen, so a character who has been buried for centuries is more likely to die than return to life.

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