Ind Tribe
Plural Ind
Modifiers +2 to any one ability score
Special Abilities Bonus Feat
Disadvantage Frail
Homeland The Golden Kingdom
Language Ind Names
The Ind of the eastern jungles have rich red-brown or dark brown skin, straight black hair and dark brown eyes. They have high cheekbones and high-bridged noses, although some of the more common stock have less definition in these characteristics.

Culture: The Golden Kingdom has a rigid caste system that has been in place since the Ind first settled in the jungles. Born into their given class, the Ind are unable to alter this arbitrary system of division by skill, prestige or wealth. Although vertical mobility is not possible, horizontal mobility certainly is. The highest of these classes, at least in regards to secular power, are the Kshatriyas, from whom the Nagaraja is chosen. Higher in spiritual power than the Kshatriyas, but lower in secular strength, are the priests, and to them belong the responsibility for religious observances and education. The next category are the merchant class. Although some merchants have wealth to rival their rulers, they are limited in actual power. Below the merchants are the serfs. Technically outside the caste system, a lower class exists, one created for the conquered aboriginal peoples of the area (the Dalitya). This is an ‘untouchable’ class and they are treated with contempt and scorn, forced to live outside the cities, towns, and villages, as well as banned from participating in religious rites.

Religion: Inds tend to revere the mystical religion of Asur and believe in a heaven, a hell and the judgment of souls. As his name suggests, the official religion of the Imperial Court is that of Yag, though his worship isn't widespread beyond the Kshatriyas and the priestly castes. Inds also has a well-developed practice of astrology, suggesting a strong belief in fate. Ascetic hermits dwell in caves on the borders of The Golden Kingdom, meditating on the mysteries of the world.

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