Staring Karma

A character's starting Karma is 3. After that, Karma must be earned (see below).

Maximum Karma

Characters can have no more than 3 Karma points, or an amount equal to their total Hit Dice at any one time (whichever is greater). Excess Karma points are lost.

Spending Karma

Karma points may be expended on Karma actions, representing fate taking a hand to spare your character. These are all immediate actions. A character can choose how many points they spend, or they may ask the Games Master to make them spend enough points to succeed. A player can never spend more Karma points than he has in this way, Should a character be reduced to 0 Karma, or attempt to spend more Karma points than he has available, he is out of luck (see below).

By the Skin of his Teeth
Immediately, when an opponent causes a character to make a saving throw or is forced to roll against a character’s Defense, that character may spend Karma points to raise his Defense, his Fortitude, his Reflex and his Will by an amount equal to half his HD for each point he spends. This bonus disappears after the opponent’s action is resolved.

Destined for Greatness
A player can at any time spend one or more Karma, with the agreement of the Games Master, to alter the world in some minor way. Essentially, this allows the player to have some input into the story, over and above the actions of his character. This change must be one that is plausible, minor and not overwhelmingly beneficial to the Player Characters. It may well assist them to accomplish their goals but they must still accomplish those goals by their own strength and wits, not simply by spending Fate Points.

For example, a character captured by the law and imprisoned might spend a Karma point to have a chance at escape, such as a comrade or slave-girl smuggling him a dagger or a guard becoming drunk on duty, or the discovery of a loose chunk of granite with which to smash open his ankle-chain. He may not, however, have his escape handed to him on a
plate, such as by a sorcerer magically putting all the guards to sleep and bursting his door open.

Another option for this use of a Fate Point is to alter a character in some minor way by revealing a new facet of his past. This might include knowing a language that he did not know before, which proves useful in his current situation or having a contact in the area from his previous dealings in the region.

Just a Flesh Wound
Immediately after an opponent attacks a character and the damage is calculated, but before the damage is dealt, that character may spend any number of Karma points to gain temporary HP equal to the number of Karma that he spends multiplied by 4. These temporary hit points disappear after the damage is taken.

Left For Dead
When a character’s hit points reach –10 or less by any means, he may spend one Karma to avoid being killed outright. He is instead ‘left for dead.’ A character who is Left for Dead is unconscious and appears dead upon casual examination. The character must make a Fortitude saving throw (DC 20) after one hour. If successful, he stabilizes himself and is at –5 hit points. If he fails, he loses a hit point, and must try again the next hour. If his hit point total returns to -10 for any reason during this time, the character is finally and irrevocably dead, whether he has any Karma left or not.

A character who dies through Constitution loss may also save himself by using Left for Dead; in such a case, the
effect that was damaging his Constitution stops when he has a Constitution score of one point.

Left for Dead cannot be used against effects that leave no possibility whatsoever of the character surviving, such as having their head chopped off.

Lucky Day
After calculating the results of any roll, but before applying them, a character may spend one Karma point to re-roll the dice, and may take the better of the two rolls.

Mighty Blow
Rather than rolling the damage dice on any successful hit or damaging magical attack, a player can elect to declare a Mighty Blow at the cost of one Karma. A Mighty Blow always deals the maximum possible damage. This includes any bonus damage, such as that rolled for sneak attacks. A standard melee weapon always shatters irreparably when used to deliver a Mighty Blow. Even Masterwork weapons used to deliver a Mighty Blow has a 50% chance of shattering.

Out of Luck

When a character tries to spend more Karma points that he is able to, or his total Karma equals 0, he becomes out of luck. While in this state, he suffers a -1 penalty of all attack rolls, damage rolls, skill checks, saving throws and Defense. This state continues until his Karma points are replenished.

Earning Karma

Karma points are restored only by reducing the bonus granted to one of your Character Paths by 1. You can restore any number of your Karma this way.

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