Knowledge Heraldry

Key Attribute: Intelligence

Rank 1 Ability

You are familiar with the basic rules of heraldry (such as the laws governing which colors may be placed on top of others), blazoning (describing a device using the structured language of heraldry), and, perhaps most importantly, with knowing what device belongs to which knight.

Rank 3 Ability

A successful skill check reveals the Glory rating of the person or clan utilizing the heraldic device.

Target DC: 15

Success: You know the Glory rating of the individual wearing the heraldry, or the Glory of the clan he belongs to (your choice). If you exceed the target DC by more than 5, you know both.

Failure: You gain no knowledge. If you fail the check by more than 5 points, you misidentify the device, mistaking it for another’s.

++Rank 4 Ability
You may design your own heraldic devices in keeping with the traditions and conventions of your culture.

Target DC : 20

Success: Your device is unique and excellently well-constructed. Wearing such a device in the appropriate fashion would give the wearer a +1 to all Charisma- based skill checks in cultures and locations where the heraldry was accepted and respected.

Failure: Your device is crude and unworthy.

Rank 6 Ability

Understand Borders
There are usually many small kingdoms in the Sacred Earth, and these have, in turn, their own subdivisions, so that it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the complexities of borders, loyalties, and hierarchies. With this skill check, you have mastered some of this data, and can recall it as needed.

Target DC: See chart below.

Success: You can achieve any of the things listed in the chart below. Each item requires a separate skill check to achieve, however.
Failure: You do not know one of the items on the list below. A separate check may be made to learn additional things, but once you fail a check for one of the items, you may not retry it.

DC Task
5 Identify the borders of major kingdoms
10 Identify the borders of minor kingdoms
10 Know the names of kings and queens
15 Know the names of second tier-nobles
20 Know the names of a minor noble
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