Knowledge (Investments)

Key Attribute: Wisdom

You have extensive knowledge of the merchant markets in your area, You provide consulting services for investors and use clients investment capital in merchant ventures that would provide an economic return.

Rank 1 Ability

All investments have inherent Risk, and regardless of the Risk level, loss is always possible. However, through detailed knowledge and experience within your area, you are able to predict trends of market values of goods to maximize returns and minimize the risk. To make an investment, choose an amount of money you want to invest. That money is spent on the investment. Next, determine how risky your investment is. Higher risk investments can yield greater rewards, but are more likely to fail. Use the chart below to select your Risk level, and make a Skill Check Roll.

Risk Level Return on Investment DC
Very High 150% of the money you invested 40
High 125% of the money you invested 30
Medium 120% of the money you invested 25
Fair 115% of the money you invested 20
Low 110% of the money you invested 15
Poor 105% of the money you invested 12

The Investment DC may be modified by choosing how long you want your money to be invested. People looking to turn their money around quickly tend to select riskier endeavors, while who are willing to wait to see a return on their money can afford more conservative investments.

The typical investment time is 1d4 months. You may add an additional +1d4 months to the time to reduce the DC of the roll by 2.

Base DC: See chart above.

Success: You receive the listed amount on your return on investment. For every 10 points that your skill roll exceeded the DC, you gain an additional 5% on your return.

Failure: For every 1 point less then the DC, subtract 5% from the Return on Investment. The amount that remains is the amount of your return.

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