Knowledge (Military)

Key Attribute: Intelligence

Unlike other martial skills, such as Profession (soldier), which deal with actual combat activities, this skill represents the knowledge needed to run and organize a military outfit. Everything from efficiently mustering troops to arming, training, and feeding them is covered by this skill.

Rank 4 Ability

Military Training
A successful check lets you improve the morale or defenses of your troops, giving you a better chance of creating victory from the brink of defeat, or perhaps of simply salvaging a draw or minor loss from rout or even complete annihilation. Using this skill on your soldiers takes 6 weeks.

Base DC: 10

Success: Your troops count as Trained when using the mass combat rules. If you exceed the check by more than 5, they count as Disciplined. If you succeed by more than 15, they count as Veterans.

Failure: Your troops remain Untrained when using by the mass combat rules.

Rank 6 Ability

Military Logistics
Maintaining a field army in an era of subsistence level farming, slow and unreliable transportation and primitive preservation techniques presents a formidable challenge. This ability enables you to run an army more efficiently and keep the soldiers comfortable (food, correspondence from home, small creature comforts, and so on). This skill check is made every month your army is in the field (whether campaigning or encamped). Each time you fail this check, you suffer a -2 cumulative penalty to this check until you succeed.

Base DC: 15

Success: Reduce cost of fielding army by 5%. If you exceed the check by 5 or more, soldiers under your command gain a +1 morale bonus to their saving throws. If you exceed the check by 15 or more, reduce the cost of fielding your army by 10%.

Failure: Your costs of the army remain the same. If you fail the check by more than 5, increase the cost of fielding the army by 5%. If you fail by more than 10, your army suffers a cumulative -1 morale penalty to their saving throws.

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