Lesser Eye Of Light And Darkness

850 XP

MP Cost: 12
Components: V, S, F, M
Casting time: One hour
Range: Touch
Area: 20 ft. per caster level
Duration: Mortal
Saving throw: Will partial
Prerequisites: Magic attack bonus +5, Greater Warding
Magic attack roll: Sets DC for Will save

Preparations for casting this spell require creation of two sigils in the shape of an eye in a very hard substance, such as granite or steel. They are often hidden within faces of statues. The sigils must be placed in a line from each other, no more than 20 ft. apart per caster level. As the ritual is cast under a full moon, they are smeared with blood of an innocent (someone with no Taint). The forming line between the two sigils becomes a painful barrier for agents and servants of the forces from beyond. Any Undead, Outsider or any creature with Taint 10+ must make a Will save to pass between the two sigils. Whether the creature succeeds or not, it immediately takes one point of Wisdom drain and loses one MP if it has any. Failing the save means that the creature is unable to pass through the barrier. Those drained to Wisdom 0 by this barrier are destroyed. Any creature with any Taint points feels intensively uncomfortable when passing through the line, receiving penalty equal to its Taint score at all rolls for ten minutes. During this time, the mental effects of Taint cease temporarily, perhaps allowing a Corrupted sorcerer realize the depths of his wickedness and repent.

Material component: Blood of an innocent.
Focus: Two eyes carved in stone or other hard material.

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