Life-Fueled Casting (Sorcery)

Prerequisites: Concentration 6 ranks, Heal 3 ranks.

Benefit: If a successful casting check still leaves you under a spell’s cost, you may voluntarily take additional lethal or nonlethal damage to finish casting the spell or ritual. You take an amount of damage equal to the difference between the spell or ritual’s MP cost and your current mana pool. If casting a spell within your threshold limit, the extra damage you take is nonlethal. If the spell’s level is higher than your threshold limit, you take lethal damage. If you are still alive and conscious after taking this damage, your mana pool increases to match the MP cost, and the spell or ritual takes effect.

You cannot take less damage when using this feat than the difference between the MP cost and your mana pool; you either take enough damage to complete the casting or take none at all. For example, if the MP cost of a spell you cast is 40 and your pool stands at 28, you either take 12 points of damage (lethal or nonlethal depending on the threshold of the spell) to finish casting the spell in this interval, or you take no damage and must spend at least one more round making casting checks.

Using Life-Fuelled casting is a free action made as part of a casting check. Although you take damage as a result, this damage does not require you to make Concentration checks to avoid losing the spell.

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