Long Lake

Population: 22,000
Nationality: Silva
Established: 157 in the Age of Swords
Gold Piece Limit: 40,000

Long Lake is one of the oldest remaining cities in Deladainin, and has been one of the centers of trade for the western kingdoms since the beginning of the Age of Swords. It is situated on the Lion's River, to the west of the Silverlode Mountains, just inside the borders of modern Silva. The forest of Thenregon lies to its south. The city was originally conceived as a defensive settlement, the final part of a series of keeps and towers guarding Cray's Pass from eastern invaders. This network of towers and keeps has made Cray's Pass one of the safest travelling passes in Deladainin.

The city is built on both sides of the Lions' River, making use of the small islands of land on the waterway, as well as artificial barriers to control the flow of traffic into and out of the city. Long Lake's most impressive feature is The Lions, a series of drawbridges set into the river to allow water traffic entrance into the city from the west. Although there is a smaller group of the same types of entrances on the eastern side of the city, The Lions are carved in the likeness of giant roaring lion's heads, giving the impression of a ship being swallowed by the colossal creatures as they enter. It has been named as one of the twenty most impressive sights in the civilized world by Arsagast the Elder.

The city's grew around Cray's Keep - the earliest settlements built themselves on the small islands on Lion's River to protect themselves from invaders. From there, the city grew southward, using the river as a natural bulwark against any approaching army. As the western region became safer, and the Silva Compact made the city-state system obsolete, Long Lake has turned into the gateway city for trade to the east. Languionese and Silvan traders use Lion's River to take their goods south to Long Lake, and from there across Cray's Pass and into Lethe. The city's new role in commerce has caused it to grow and become prosperous, and it is commonly considered an inland rival to the Seven Cities.

"Long Lake is forty districts in search of a city."
- Fram Framson

Long Lake is a massive assembly of people - local humans, dwarves from the Silverlode, merchants coming from Leoncour and Lethe, and countless adventurers, mercenaries, and refugees from Lethe and Volkshire. The city is not overcrowded - not yet - but the districts have begun to take on the characteristics of small independent communities. Many of these districts lie on Long Lake itself, in Great Bay.

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