Lotus Smoke

Alchemy DC: 27
Cost: 3,750 (black), 4,000 (green), 2,500 (grey)
Time to Create: 1 hour

Lotus smoke is a preparation derived from green, grey or black lotus blossom. When cast on the ground (treat as a thrown weapon with a range increment of 5 feet) it sheds light in a 15-foot radius. One round later, it turns into a glowing ball that affects all who look on it (treat as an Evil Eye range spell) as though targeted by a mesmerize spell cast by the alchemist who created the lotus smoke. The ball moves 10 feet in the same direction as it was initially thrown. One round later still, it turns into a cloud of smoke 15 square feet in size, which moves in the same direction again, this time at 20 feet per round for 2d6 rounds. In smoke form, it has exactly the same effect as the lotus blossom it was originally derived from.

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