Make Gate

Cosmic Magic
680 XP

MP Cost: Special
Components: V, S, F
Casting Time: One week
Range: Special
Effect: Creates a magical portal
Duration: Mortal
Saving Throw: None
Prerequisites: Knowledge (geography) 10 ranks, the time is right, alignment of the heavenly paths

This spell allows the sorcerer to create a magical portal connecting two points. When the gate is open, a man can step through it as if stepping through a door, even though the two points might be separated by a hundred miles or an ocean or even the gulf between the stars. The MP cost of the make gate spell depends on the range of the spell.

Range Creation Cost Activation Cost
Within one mile 25 25
Within ten miles 50 30
Within 100 miles 80 35
Different nation 100 40
Across a continent 150 60
Across the world 200 80
Different world or dimension 250 100

The creation cost is the number of MPs required to create the gate initially. To make a gate, certain mystic symbols must be drawn at both the points that are to be connected. These symbols do not have to be drawn by the sorcerer himself – a sorcerer planning to make a gate to a distant land might use sorcerous news – or a letter – to instruct an apprentice or agent on how to draw the symbols. Those planning to open gateways to other dimensions might use master of words and signs to contact a suitable denizen of the other dimension. It takes one week of work to inscribe the symbols.

A sorcerer can open a gate through brute force by only drawing the symbols at one end of the gate, but this quintuples the Creation and Activation costs of the gate (thus, if Wepwawet wishes to open a gate into the heart of Asteric’s palace (another nation) and send assassins to kill the king, it will cost him seven hundred MPs to do so through brute force, but only 140 if one of his agents can draw the symbols in the palace). If a gate is created by brute force, then it must be ‘anchored’ by drawing the symbols on the far side or it will cease to function one week after being created. Anchoring a gate in this way requires knowledge of the runes needed (or a DC 30 Arcana skill check), and is a full-round action.

The cost to create a gate can be halved by placing cosmic restrictions on the gate. For example, many gates are tied to the phase of the moon, only functioning during the full moon. A gate could also be tied to a particular configuration of the stars. Consult the chart below for numeric modifiers to the cost.

Modifier Cost
Once a month 75%
Once a season (every 3 months) 50%
Once a year 25%

It is clearly obvious when a gate is functioning, as the symbols glow eerily when active. Once a gate is created, it can be opened from either side by spending the listed number of MPs in the Activation column. Anyone with MPs can open the gate by touching the symbols – they do not need to know the make gate spell, or even know where the gate goes or who made it. An activated gate remains open for 1d10 rounds. During this time, anyone or anything stepping through the gate is instantly transported to the far side of the gate. Gates are two-way when active and show a clear view of whatever is on the other side. A gate can be destroyed by erasing the symbols.

Focus: The symbols that anchor the gate. These symbols can simply be drawn with paint or charcoal, or carved in stone if the character has the requisite tools and Craft skill. Either way, the symbols take a week of work to draw.

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