Make Ghost Trap

380 XP

MP Cost: 2
Components: V, S, M, F
Casting Time: One day
Range: Touch
Effect: Creates a ghost trap
Duration: 3d6 months
Saving Throw: Will negates
Prerequisites: The dead speak
Magic Attack Roll: Sets DC for target’s saving throw

This spell turns a simple braid of leather and hair into a ghost trap. The trap lasts for 3d6 months before losing its power. Each day, there is a base 1% chance that a ghost wanders into the ghost trap (this chance can be increased by ghost lure or by clever positioning of the trap). Most of the ghosts that wander into the trap are just animal spirits, which are useless for most purposes, although a sorcerer who also knows Nature Magic can use these spirits as part of a Summon Beast or Animal Ally spell. Other ghosts are the ghosts of recently deceased mortals, which are of more use to the sorcerer. A sorcerer may speak to trapped ghosts, although the spirits are not compelled to respond in any way. Ghosts retain most of their memories but are usually confused by their deaths and tend to repeat themselves a great deal. Ghosts also slowly decay along with the trap, so a trap has only a month of useful power left to it will hold a ghost that is very disorganized and forgetful. Destroying a trap frees a ghost and it is impossible to reuse traps. If the ghost is that of a powerful entity (5 or more HD/Levels), then the ghost tends to be stronger and more assertive. Such trapped ghosts can sometimes manifest for a few seconds after the trap is destroyed. The ghosts of sorcerers retain some spellcasting ability and have 2+Wisdom Modifier MPs remaining to them. They can only cast spells with Verbal or Somatic components. Ghostly sorcerers can be induced to teach their spells to others.

Material Components: Twigs, leather strips, strings and feathers.
Focus: The completed trap itself.

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