Make Greater Undead

300 XP each (see below)

MP Cost: Varies
Components: V, S, M, F
Casting Time: Varies
Range: Touch
Effect: Creates an undead monster
Duration: Concentration + 1d6 rounds or permanent
Saving Throw: None
Prerequisites: Arcana 6 ranks, Heal 6 ranks, Magic attack bonus +3, raise corpse

This spell is a more powerful and complex form of the raise corpse spell. It can be used to create ordinary zombies or more powerful undead creatures. Each form of undead requires its own particular magical incantations and spell components and each recipe must be researched or discovered individually. For each entry on the chart below, therefore, you must pay the XP cost to learn the spell again (so learning how to create 1 HD zombies and 3 HD zombies would cost you a total of 600 XP).

If the sorcerer spends the listed experience cost when casting the spell, the undead creature is animated permanently, lasting as long as the sorcerer’s magic endures. Otherwise, the creature lasts for as long as the sorcerer concentrates +1d6 rounds. The casting time for the spell varies depending on the type of creature being created. The table below is not an exhaustive list of the monsters that can be created with this spell but it covers all the most common ones.

Undead Notes MP Cost XP Cost Component Cost Creation Time
Create a 1 HD Zombie 1 per 5 corpses 10 per corpse 0 1 standard action
Create a 3 HD Zombie 1 per corpse 50 per corpse 0 1 standard action
Create a Zombie with HD equal to its HD in life 3 per corpse 100 per corpse 50 silver 1 standard action
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