Hypnotism, basic
170 XP

MP Cost: 0
Threshold: 1
Components: None
Casting Time: One standard action
Range: Evil Eye
Target: One creature
Duration: Concentration
Saving Throw: Will negates
Magic Attack Roll: Sets DC for the target’s saving throw

When you cast this spell, the target creature must make a Will saving throw or be unable to take any actions for as long as you concentrate. If the creature is attacked or sustains damage while mesmerized, it may attempt a saving throw again to throw off the effects of the spell. This second saving throw gets a bonus equal to the amount of damage inflicted. This spell can only affect a creature that has six or fewer hit dice. It is possible to boost the power of this spell by preparation. For each full round in which you do nothing but stare at the target creature before attempting to mesmerize it (whether or not you have eye-to-eye contact over that time) you can affect a creature of +2 HD and you gain a circumstance bonus of +1 on your magic attack roll. Note that a mesmerized creature is not stunned, so attackers gain no special advantage against it.

Mesmerizing a creature has other benefits as well - as long as your target is mesmerized, you gain an additional number of MP equal to his HD when you make a spellcasting check. These extra points may only be used to cast spells from the Hypnotism Discipline - if at any time to attempt to cast a spell from another discipline, these extra MP are automatically lost.

You may add +20 points to the MP cost of this spell to mesmerize someone at a distance. The victim must either be within line of sight, or connected to the sorcerer via a magical link.

You may add +8 to the MP cost of the spell to affect an additional target. This may be done multiple times.

Material Component Options
The DC of the Will saving throw is increased by 10 if you use a fresh (less than 3 days old) human tongue is used a material component in this spell. If the fresh tongue is from a still-living human the DC is increased by 15.

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