Named Man

Prerequisites: Power Attack, Melee Combat, must have been given a name by another Named Man.
XP Cost: 500

Among the tribes and clans of the Outremer, the Bloodlands, and The High Places every warrior dreams of earning his Name. It is a sign of respect and a testament to their bravery and fighting prowess. The sagas are filled with the legends of men like "Bones" Brannok, Caul Ironeye, and Valgard the Red. A nameless man is nothing, and when he dies Straasha will not carry their souls to the Land of the Dead, but will consign them to the Sea of Souls. A named man is respected in life for his bravery and in death for his services to the God of the Dead.

Starting Ability

As a full-round action, a named man may make a wide swing attack, a lunge attack, or a counter-flank attack, which allows him to target multiple squares with a single blow. A wide swing attack targets a square and the two squares on either side of it, a lunge attack targets a square and the square behind it (from the point of view of the named man), and a counter-flank attack targets a square and the corresponding square on the opposite side of the named man making the attack. The named man makes one attack roll at his full attack bonus, and uses that result for any and all targets in the affected squares.


Do You Know Who I Am?
XP Cost: 810
Choose one of the following abilities:

Good Reputation: You gain a morale bonus on all saves equal to your Charisma modifier (if positive). All allies within 10 feet also benefit from this ability.

Evil Reputation: All opponents within 10 feet of you take a penalty on all saves equal to your Charisma modifier (if positive).

Expert Skirmisher
XP Cost: 1,350
You may ignore an amount of damage reduction any opponent possesses equal to your Dexterity modifier. In addition, you may move through undergrowth or difficult terrain without suffering damage, impairment, or penalties to your speed.

Fancy Footwork
XP Cost: 1,080
You may move 10 feet instead of 5 feet when taking a five foot step. You may now also perform your starting ability as a standard action.

Shake it Off
XP Cost: 1,620
As an immediate action, you may remove any and all negative conditions affecting you with a duration of more than one round, with the exception of ability drain, energy drain, exhaustion, death, disease, dying, or unconsciousness. You may use this ability even if your condition would normally prevent you from taking actions. Upon using this ability, any non-lethal damage you have suffered is immediately healed. This ability may be used once per minute.

Glancing Blow
XP Cost: 1,620
As an immediate action, you may negate one attack or spell targeting you. You may declare that you are using this ability even after damage or any relevant saves have been rolled. This ability may be used once per minute.

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