Perfect Mind (Tactical)

Prerequisite: Base Attack +9, Concentration 10 ranks, Profound Meditation.
Benefit: You gain use of the following two tactical options.

Disrupting Blow: As an immediate action, make a melee attack against any creature you threaten which is performing an action. If your attack hits, you deal damage as normal, and cause the struck foe's action to fail. After using this option you cannot use it again for 2 rounds.

Hearing the Air: As a swift action, you adopt a stance that allows your mind to empower your sense of hearing. While in this stance, you gain Blind-Sight out to 30ft, Blindsense out to 60ft, and a +10 bonus to Listen checks. Deafness thwarts both the Blind-Sight and Blindsense. You may spend only 5 total rounds each encounter in a stance, and after entering this stance you remain in it, until you leave it as a free action, or enter a new stance using a swift action.

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