Perform (Gladiatorial Combat)

Key Attribute: Charisma
This skill represents a character’s ability to excite the crowd and fellow gladiators.

Rank 3 Ability

Impress the Foe
If the character takes the full-round action in melee combat against a non-gladiator, he can attempt to impress his opponent by twirling, spinning, and weaving his weapon about in such a manner that he convinces the opponent that he is much more skillful. This ability only works on creatures who are intelligent enough to be impressed by the difficulty of such a display.

Target DC: 15

Success: The character gains a bonus on his attack rolls equal to the amount by which the check exceeded the DC (minimum +1). This ability lasts for a number of rounds equal to your Hit Dice.

Failure: The character gains no bonus.

Rank 4 Ability

Mercy From the Crowd
During an arena match, if a gladiator surrenders or is unable to continue fighting, his life is at the mercy of the game’s sponsor or the crowd. The decision takes the form of an attempt to influence an NPC’s attitude using this skill to influence the audience (see the Diplomacy ). An Indifferent result spares the gladiator’s life, a Friendly result adds +1 to his Glory score, and a Helpful result leads to rewards or honors and +2 Glory. An Unfriendly result leads to the gladiator’s death and a Hostile result gives his opponent +1 Fame in addition to the gladiator’s death.

Base DC: See above

Success: See above.

Failure: See above

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