Poisons are a diverse group of natural and alchemical substances whose unifying trait is that they cause creatures some kind of distress, harm, or even death.

Types of Poison

There are two types of poisons in Blood & Iron:

  • Quick Poisons deal hit point damage to the recipient. The damage is suffered every round until the recipient succeeds in a saving throw.
  • Slow Poisons deal ability damage to the recipient. The ability damage is suffered every minute until the recipient succeeds in a saving throw.

Saving Against a Poison

The poisoned character continues to suffer the cumulative effects of the poison until they successfully make a Fortitude save.

The save DC against a creature's natural poison attack is equal to 15 + ½ of the poisoning creature's HD + the poisoning creature's Constitution modifier. Stronger, larger creatures are generally able to effectively deliver large amounts of poison into creatures' bloodstream. The exact DC is given in the creature's descriptive text.

The save DC against a manufactured poison is equal to The skill roll made to craft the poison -5.

Some poisons have increasing (or simply varying) penalties depending on the number of saving throws failed against the poison. In such a case, immunity or resistance against the earlier conditions does not stop the poison, the later effects take place normally if further saves are failed.

Perils Of Using Poison

A character has a 5% chance of exposing himself to a poison whenever he applies it to a weapon or otherwise readies it for use. Additionally, a character who rolls a natural 1 on an attack roll with a poisoned weapon must make a Reflex save or accidentally poison himself with the weapon, DC 15 for Injury potions, and DC 25 for contact poisons. A natural 1 on an attack roll to throw a vial of inhaled poison does not ruin the throw (although it will miss its intended square, as normal), but the thrower is exposed to the trailing fumes of the vial as well.

A creature with a poison attack is immune to its own poison and the poison of others of its kind.

A character with the Poison Use ability suffers none of these dangers.

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