Profession (Butcher)

Key Attribute: Intelligence

This skill allows you to butcher animals for their hides and meat.

Rank 1 Ability

You have the ability to skin an animal and remove the meat from its bones. The difficulty and time it takes to do this are listed on the chart below.

Creature Size DC Time
Colossal 3 8 hours
Gargantuan 5 4 hours
Huge 8 2 hour
Large 9 1 hour
Medium 10 1 hour
Small 12 1 hour
Tiny 13 1/2 hour
Diminutive 17 1 hour
Fine 23 2 hours

Base DC: As chart above

Success: You have skinned the animal and butchered it. You gain the full amount of the Yield for the creature's hide (where appropriate), and 50% of the Yield for the creature's meat (if the creature is edible. For every 3 points that your skill roll exceeds the DC, you gain an additional 10% of the meat yield.

Failure: You have destroyed the hide of the animal and in the process mutilated the meat. You gain no yield for the hide of the animal, and only 30% of the meat yield. For every 3 points under the DC, reduce the amount of meat yield by an additional 10%.

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