Starting Culture: Savage

Pygmy is a collective term for ethnic groups who do not grow more than five feet in height. In the Third Earth, these groups tend to be isolated from other cultures either by choice design.

Pygmies make the following adjustments to their culture:

No bonus to Strength.

+2 to Wisdom.

Remove the Sturdy ability.

Small: A Small character gets a +1 size bonus to Defense, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, and a +4 size bonus on Hide checks. A Small character’s carrying capacity is three-quarters of that of a Medium character. A Small character must use smaller weapons than a Medium character.

Short Stride: Base land speed 20 ft.

Cunning: Pygmies gain a +2 to all Stealth checks.

Filed Teeth: Pygmies have a Bite attack that deals 1d4 lethal damage.

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