Quicklime is a by-product of the creation of charcoal. Its primary use is to reduce the smell and potential contamination of latrines. Units that use quicklime have a +2 bonus to any Fortitude saves to resist disease during the long months of a siege.

Quicklime can be used to terrible affect when thrown at an oncoming force. Quicklime is heavily alkaline and evaporates moisture from any living thing it comes into contact with, dealing 1d6 points of damage each round that a character is subjected to contact with the substance. Washing quicklime off with water worsens the effects to 3d6 per round. The effects of quicklime can only be countered with some form of acid, of an equal strength to the quicklime itself, such as the juice of apples. If a character suffering the effects of quicklime exposure is not tended to within ten rounds the character must attempt a Fortitude saving throw (DC 25); failure results in permanent blindness. A character not tended to in 20 rounds must make an additional Fortitude saving throw (DC 30), failure results in the permanent loss of 1d4 points of Constitution.

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