Ranged Hypnotism

850 XP

MP Cost: +4 points
Components: As per original spell, plus M
Casting Time: As per original spell, plus one full round
Range: Long (400 ft. + 40 ft. per level) or Magical Link
Target: As per original spell
Duration: As per original spell
Saving Throw: As per original spell
Prerequisites: Magic attack bonus +5, mesmerize, hypnotic suggestion
Magic Attack Roll: As per original spell

A hypnotist of sufficient power can expend a vast amount of energy to hypnotize someone at a distance. The victim must either be within line of sight, or connected to the sorcerer via a magical link. Any of the standard hypnotism spells can be made ranged with this spell.

Material Components: In addition to any material Components required by the original spell, ranged hypnotism requires various herbal powders to a total cost of 100 silver pieces.

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