Red Sign Of The Red God

340 XP

MP Cost: 12
Components: V, S
Casting time: Full-round action
Range: Close
Target: One living creature per level
Duration: Concentration
Prerequisites: Raise corpse

Shouting commanding words with an inhuman voice, the caster scribes in to air a dull red symbol that glows dimly. When formed correctly, malevolent power of the sign causes those near it to die horribly, their internal organs and blood vessels convulsing uncontrollably. Each round, targets within the area of effect, as chosen by the caster, take 2d10 points of damage that ignores DR. The caster must stay immobile next to the sign and concentrate. He takes each round half the damage delivered to targets of the spell due to his proximity to the malevolent sign, unless he is undead. The Red Sign is almost sentiently malevolent and barely controllable by the sorcerer. When it is cast, the caster must always select one living creature per level to be targeted if there are enough in the area of effect - even if some of them are his allies.

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