Rune Of Reprisal

XP Cost: 170
Location: Arms
Blood Points: 4
In order to scribe the rune, you make a Rituals skill check. Anyone who attacks you while the rune is active suffers damage at the end of the melee round in which the attack was made, depending on the result of the check as shown below. This damage is suffered irrespective of the number of attacks the attacker makes during the round, and is suffered by all who attack the recipient – so the rune may damage more than one attacker every round. The rune activates when you are attacked with a melee or ranged attack, and lasts a number of rounds equal to the total number of ranks you have in the Rituals skill.

Check Result Damage Dealt
Less than 15 0
16 -25 1d6
26-35 2d6
35+ 3d6
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