Scent Of Rot And Fear

510 XP

MP Cost: 1
Components: V, S
Casting Time: One round
Area: 100 ft. + 10 ft. per scholar level radius emanating from the sorcerer
Duration: One round per scholar level
Saving Throw: Will negates
Prerequisites: Magic attack bonus +3, raise corpse
Magic Attack Roll: Sets the Will save DC of animals in the area of effect

Few things spook animals quite like the sharp coppery sweet smell of blood, entrails and offal wafting up from a disemboweled body. A sorcerer skilled in the arts of necromancy can easily cause this scent to permeate an area, causing domesticated and wild animals to flee in panic. When the sorcerer invokes this spell the area begins to stink like a charnel house. All animals within the area of effect must make a Will save or become difficult to handle. Any human wishing to them to engage in work will have to make a Handle Animal or Ride skill check (for tricks or riding the mount respectively) in order to force the animal to cooperate. If he fails then the animal’s fear prevents it from responding in accordance with its training. Any creature capable of using its sense of smell can detect the presence of a sorcerer using this spell without making a Wisdom check. Tracking the sorcerer by smell still requires the Scent ability.

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