Season Events

At the beginning of each season, roll a d100 on the appropriate chart.


D100 Event
1-2 Seed Failure
3-4 Storage Failure
5 Wood Rot
6-10 Flash Floods
11 Avalanche
12-13 Asset Failure
14-15 Desertion
16-84 Nothing of Note
85-86 Windfall
87 Mercenaries
88-89 Immigrants
90-93 Timber
94-99 Local Hero
00 Lush Soil


d100 Event
1-2 Drought
3-4 Storage Failure
5 Vein Tapped
6-10 Brush Fires
11 City Burns
12-13 Asset failure
14-15 Desertion
16-84 Nothing of Note
85-86 Eager Recruits
87 Trade Surplus
88-89 Immigrants
90-93 Shallow Waters
94-99 Clear Skies
00 Steady Rains


d100 Result
1-2 Blight
3-4 Storage Failure
5 Early Snows
6-10 Expensive Upkeep
11 Raiders
12-13 Asset Failure
14-15 Gloom
16-84 Nothing of Note
85-86 Mercenaries
87 Strange Ally
88-89 Immigrants
90-93 Unexpected Harvest
94-99 Rich Ore
00 Easy Harvest


d100 Result
1-2 Ice Storm
3-4 Storage Failure
5 Dark Tidings
6-10 Passes Blocked
11 Plague
12-13 Asset Failure
14-15 Embezzlement
16-84 Nothing of Note
85-86 Windfall
87 Mercenaries
88-89 Light Snows
90-93 Rare Find
94-99 Local Hero
00 Beneficial Signs

Asset Failure: An asset (determined randomly) fails and is destroyed. The asset must be rebuilt.

Avalanche: A sudden snow slide crashes down towards a town. A randomly selected mountain hex has its population center reduced by two steps (from large town to village, for example). If this reduces the population center to less than a village, it is destroyed.

Beneficial Signs: Auroras appear on the same night that the starts are in a certain alignment. Local astrologers and wise men interpret these signs to mean good fortune for the upcoming year. The people are heartened by these signs, and all military units gains a +1 circumstance bonus for the remainder of the season.

Blight: Crops are stricken with a lethal rot. Any hex cleared for farming produces 50% of its BP for this season.

Brush Fires: The weather has been unseasonably dry, and small fires start almost anywhere they can. Each plains or forest hex produce only 75% of their normal BP.

City Burns: Wood and straw ignites quickly, and fire spread rapidly through the tightly packed buildings. Starting with the largest population center in your realm, roll 1d4. On a roll of a 1, a fire strikes the city, reducing it by one size category, except for large cities and metropolis, which are reduced by two size categories. If this reduces the population center to less than a village, it is destroyed. If no city in the realm burns, continue from the top until one does.

Clear Skies: Unusually good weather makes general travel easier. All units gain a +1 movement point this season.

Dark Tidings: The year is ill-omened by the local seers and wise men. All units suffer a -1 penalty to all morale checks this season.

Desertion: Several units decide they have better things to do than fight. 1d4 regular units disband, determined randomly.

Drought: The summer is unusually hot and dry. Crops wither in the fields. Any plains hex not with or next to a source of water (rivers, lakes, coastline, islands), suffer a 50% reduction in BP.

Early Snow: The snows come early this year. All units suffer -1 movement this season.

Eager Recruits: All regular militia mustered this season gain +1 morale.

Easy Harvest: The fruit practically falls from the tree and the grain threshes itself. You may recruit militia freely this season, and you do not need to disband militia until winter.

Embezzlement: A trusted aide decided to pocket some money and move on. Your available BP is reduced by 2d4 points.

Expensive Upkeep: Inspections of the realm show that many important buildings and roads are on the verge of collapse. All population center upkeep is increased by 1BP for this season.

Flash Flood: The melting snows flood the rivers, creating powerful surges that sweep everything away. Each asset has a 25% chance of being destroyed unless the hex has no access to a river or water source.

Gloom: The leaves are dying, the weather is cold, and everything is wretched. All units suffer a -1 penalty to their morale this season.

Ice Storm: The land is swept by powerful storms, blocking travel. Roll 1d20 at the beginning of every turn. On a 1-4, all movement point costs are doubled for that turn.

Immigrants: Immigrants swarm into your realm in the hopes of a better life. The smallest population center in your realm increases in size by 1 step.

Light Snows: Unusually good weather for winter makes life easier than expected, and allows for more productivity. All hexes produce 1 more BP than normal.

Local Hero: A young man or woman of note has distinguished themselves, and has been invited to join the military by one of your local commanders. The Hero has 5 levels, and comes into your service at no cost. The hero may be seconded to a military unit of your choice.

Lush Soil: The soil seems particularly fresh this year. All plains produce an additional 1 BP.

Mercenaries: A group of mercenaries down on their luck offer their services to your realm in exchange for food and shelter. You gain an additional 1d4 units of regular infantry, equipped with standard weapons and armor. You have to pay the upkeep for these units, but not the cost to muster. The mercenaries remain with you for one year, after which, they will need to be hired as normal.

Passes Blocked: All mountain hexes are impassable, due to heavy snow. Roll a d6 and consult the table below:

1d6 Result
1-2 Effect lasts for 1d6 weeks
3-4 Effects last for 2d6 weeks
5-6 Effects last the entire season

Plague: Through either natural or sorcerous means, disease sweeps the land. Any population center without a temple has its size reduced by one step. If this reduces the population center to less than a village, it is destroyed.

Raiders: A group of raiders decide they need your crops more than you do. 10BP worth of troops appear in a randomly selected borderland hex and proceed to loot an pillage. Local troops must be mustered to stop them, regardless of restrictions, though regular troops may move to assist if possible. The raiders will loot until they are beaten or until the season ends. If they are not driven away, 1d4 assets are destroyed (chosen randomly), any population center in the hex is reduced by 1 step. If this reduces the population center to less than a village, it is destroyed. Additionally, the hex produces no BP for the next year.

Rare Find: A mountain hex finds a vein or rich ore. It produces +2 BP this season.

Rich Ore: All mountain hexes you control produce +1 BP this season.

Seed Failure: The seed grain rotted in the storehouse. All plains produce -1 BP this year.
Shallow Water: The summer heat dries the marshes, making them easier to exploit. All wetland hexes are considered plains for the purposes of production for this year.

Steady Rains: The rains come when they are supposed to, and in the amount they are supposed to. All plains produce +1 BP this year.

Storage Failure: Bad weather destroys storehouses and disrupts trade. BP produced in a random province are reduced by 2.

Strange Ally: A special unit worth 10 BP joins your faction.

Timber: Winter storms knock down a number of trees, making it easier to pull them out of the woods. A single forest hex (determined randomly) produces +1BP this season.

Unexpected Harvest: A hex of any terrain type produces +2 BP this season.

Vein Tapped: A randomly chosen mine in your ralm no longer produces any BP.

Windfall: A large cache of wealth was found in your realm, and the locals (out of fear or loyalty) turned it over to you. You gain +2 BP.

Wood Rot: The melting snow reveals a fungal infection in the forests. All forest hexes produce 1 less BP this season.

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