Sekmentep's Words

850 XP

MP Cost: 60
Threshold: 5
Components: V
Casting time: 10 minutes
Range: Close
Target: One intelligent creature per level
Saving throw: Will negates
Duration: One day per five levels
Magic attack roll: Sets DC for Will save
Prerequisites: Hypnotic Suggestion

Speaking passionately and with great skill in words, the sorcerer weaves into his speech magical, enthralling tones. A number of targets that can understand the language the character uses will be convinced that the things the caster says are absolutely true. A Perform (Oratory) check (DC 20) is required to keep the audience interested in what the sorcerer has to say for the whole duration of the casting time. Those who become enthralled by the spell are not under control of the sorcerer. They cannot be ordered to do anything against their will. For example, the sorcerer can't make local peasants to burn down a nearby house. However, he can convince them to allow him to burn down the house or make them think that it would be in their best interest to destroy it. Effect of the passionate speech fades away in a few days. Unless the course of thought suggested by the spell was very implausible for the persons fallen under its effect, they will most likely never realize that they were hypnotically influenced.

Material Component Options
The DC of the Will saving throw is increased by 10 if you use a fresh (less than 3 days old) human tongue is used a material component in this spell. If the fresh tongue is from a still-living human the DC is increased by 15.

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