170 XP

MP Cost: 8
Components: V, S
Casting Time: One standard action
Range: Close
Target: Sentient creature
Duration: One day per level of the caster
Saving Throw: Will saving throw at a DC equal to 10 + Caster’s level + spirit’s Will saving throw modifier
Prerequisites: Demonic pact

This spell compels the target to become a follower or worshipper of the caster’s summoned spirits. It must be cast in the spirit’s presence. The target is allowed to make a Will Saving Throw to resist the effects of the spell against a DC equal to the caster’s level, plus the spirit’s Will ST modifier, +10. If the saving throw is successful, then the compulsion fails. If the spell succeeds then the target is brought under the spirit’s influence and can be commanded by either the spirits or the caster for the spell’s duration. Whilst enchanted the target acts normally but always in the spirit’s interests; he cannot follow any other allegiances whilst under the spell’s influence. A sorcerer can direct the spell at multiple targets at a cost of 8 MPs per target.

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