Shang Tribe
Plural Shang
Modifiers +2 Charisma
Special Abilities Sorcery, Insidious
Disadvantage Weak-Willed
Homeland The Five Kingdoms
Language Shang Pronunciation, Shang Names
The Shang skin carries a slightly yellow tinge. In the north of The Five Kingdoms, the complexion is lighter; in the south, skin is darker and almost bronzed. As Shang age, their skin develops impressively deep lines and wrinkles. Shang have an epicanthic fold (a fold of skin that covers the inner corner of the eye) and usually only a single crease to the eyelid. All Shang have dark, straight hair that grows luxuriantly, particularly in the north. The color ranges from very dark brown through to raven-black. Hair is traditionally worn long in both sexes but neatly tied and secured with a variety of fixings (plaits, crossed sticks, ribbons and so forth). Beards are seen as somewhat uncouth in polite Shang society although moustaches are considered to lend gravitas and importance.

Culture: The Five Kingdoms in the far west are little known the rest of Galadran. Shang caravans trade jade, cloth-of-gold and silk with the nations in the Cradle of the World and lotus blossoms to Stygia. These caravans and a few exiled Shang are the only contact with the West. Each of the five separate kingdoms is ruled by a warlord or sorcerer lord, but ultimately, all of them pay homage to Lao Te Zhou the powerful god-emperor ruling the city of Shambala, a mighty city whose minarets rise amid the vine-festooned jungles of bamboo. Each lord runs their own affairs, even warring with each other, but none will ever cross the Third of the Magi.

Religion: Some Shang worship the elephant god Yaathra-Yok but have a wide range of jungle animal gods as well. Yun also receives worship from shaven-headed priests in the lost jungles of the west, perhaps through the ritual ringing of golden chimes; certainly some especial ceremony requires such bells.

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