Shape Snow

Frost Magic
170 XP

MP Cost: 20
Threshold: 1
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 10 minutes
Range: One mile per level
Effect: Controls snowfall
Duration: One hour per level
Prerequisites: Knowledge (nature) 5 ranks, fell of frost

By means of this spell, the sorcerer can control the shape and course of the falling snow. He can, for example, cause the snow to pile up in front of a cave mouth and block it off, or turn a snowy tundra into a surreal labyrinth of icy walls. He can even build structures and castles out of the falling snow. For simple projects, such as creating a huge snowdrift in front of a castle wall, the sorcerer does not need to concentrate – he simply casts the spell, gives his commands to the snow, and can carry on about his business. More complex works, such as a labyrinth or causing the snow to bury a moving target, require the sorcerer to concentrate. Major construction works, like building a snow castle, require a Knowledge (architecture and engineering) check to ensure the finished building is relatively stable. The DC varies with the complexity of the building. The amount of snow that the sorcerer can command depends on how much snow is actually falling from the sky. A wall made from snow has Hardness 0 and 1 hit point per inch of thickness. In the cold north, the sorcerer can pack the snow into ice, which has three hit points per inch of thickness. Snowy structures are unstable, but will last as long as the snow does not melt. If this spell is cast on a party travelling through the snows, it slows their movement by half and gives a –6 penalty to Survival checks for finding direction.

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