Shed The Skin

Serpent Magic
850 XP

MP Cost: 60+ (see below)
Threshold: 5
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: One hour
Range: Personal
Target: Self
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: slither

This spell of rebirth allows the sorcerer to shed his skin and be transformed. When the ritual begins, the sorcerer’s body begins to warp and swell, and his skin begins to slough away. At the end, he bursts out of his own flesh in a new form. The spell completely transforms the sorcerer’s body. He is cured of any diseases or poisons afflicting him, and may change his appearance. He must remain humanoid, but can switch race and even gender during the ritual. He may also remove the physical signs of aging. He is cured of all damage suffered.

The sorcerer’s physical ability scores (Strength, Dexterity and Charisma) are set to 4 after this spell is cast. If the sorcerer spent extra MPs when casting the spell above sixty, then he may buy better physical ability scores using these extra points. For example, a sorcerer who spends 20 MPs on a casting of shed the skin has ten points with which to buy ability scores. A sorcerer can buy physical ability scores above 18, but each ability point above 18 costs 4 MPs. No ability score can be raised above 20 no matter how many points the sorcerer spends. If the sorcerer wishes, his new appearance can mimic that of another person with whom he is familiar. The sorcerer must buy exactly the same ability scores as the target and must have a magical link to that target.

For example, if a sorcerer wishes to copy the appearance of a princess who has Strength 6, Dexterity 14 and Charisma 18, then he must spend at least 28 MPs when casting the spell (10 points to cast the spell itself, minus two points for dropping his Strength from its base of 8 to 6, six points for raising his Dexterity from 8 to 14, and 14 points for raising his Charisma from 8 to 18).

The sorcerer is exhausted and ravenous after casting this spell, and must feast on the flesh of one human victim per his magic attack bonus within an hour the ritual being completed. If the sorcerer does not have sufficient food available, then he permanently loses 1d6 hit points per missing victim.

Material Components: Rare oils and venoms, costing 5,000 silver pieces.

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