Unlike other forms of armor, shields do not grant Damage Reduction. Instead, each shield provides a percentage chance that the attack will hit the shield, rather than your body. Whenever you are successfully hit by an attack, you may choose to roll the percentage chance provided by the shield. If successful, the shield takes all the damage the attack deals. For every hit that the shield absorbs that does not destroy it, lower the shield's Hit points by 1.

For example, Aragan is in combat with Brule warrior. The warrior's attack is successful, dealing 15 points of damage, but Aragan is using a Medium Shield (10% miss chance). He rolls a d100, and gets a 8. The damage is directed to the shield instead. The shield has a hardness of 5 and 15 hit points. The 15 damage is reduced by 5 (for the hardness), and the shield takes the remainder (10 points). Because the Shield's hit points are 15, it is not destroyed. It's hit points regenerate after the attack (because it is not destroyed), but its maximum hit points is reduced to 14.

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