Prerequisite: Martial Artist
XP Cost: 500

The Shinobi arose as mercenary counterparts to the Saburai who performed acts of espionage without care for rigid codes of honor or laws. There were mercenaries beforehand, but not truly professional spies and assassins. When the Shang and Hyan clans decided to go into business as willing to do all the things the Saburai were officially disallowed to in warfare they quickly expanded into theft, assassination, arson, and political agitation.

Starting Ability

Shinobi are trained in the use of poison and never risk accidentally poisoning themselves when poisoning a blade.


Defense of the Hidden
XP Cost: 270
While unarmored, all attacks made against you by creatures with an Intelligence of 3 or greater take a penalty to attack rolls against you equal to your magic attack bonus. This penalty even applies while you are paralyzed or otherwise unable to act.

Excellent Thief
XP Cost: 270
As a full-round action, you can make a DC 20 Appraise check to recognize the single most visibly valuable item within your range of sight (disregarding unseen factors such as most magic) and of which other items are visible worth at least 100 sp. The precise value of items is not revealed in this way.

XP Cost: 540
To remember specific details about you (such as distinguishing characteristics), a creature must make a DC 20 Wisdom check. If they possess a line of sight with you at the time, the creature gains a +4 bonus to the check.

Great Leap
XP Cost: 1,620
You may make Jump checks as if he were running, enabling you to make long jumps without a running start. You gain a +4 bonus on jumps made in this way. You can use this ability only when wearing light or no armor and carrying no more than a light load.

XP Cost: 1,890
You leave no trail behind you for others to find. You cannot be tracked by creatures using the Track feat. Within towns, enough people ignore you to prevent those with the urban tracking ability from finding you.

Slow Fall
XP Cost: 1,080
If you are within arm's reach of a wall can use it to slow your descent. You take damage as if the fall were 20’ shorter than it is.

Speed Climb
XP Cost: 1,620
You can climb at his speed as a move action with no penalty. However, you must begin and end the round on a horizontal surface (such as the ground or rooftop). If you do not end your movement on a horizontal surface you fall, taking falling damage as appropriate. You need only one hand free to use this ability. You cannot use this ability while wearing more than light armor or carrying more than a light load.

XP Cost: 810
Each round, you may travel through a number of squares that provide neither cover nor concealment up to half of your Hit Dice (rounded up) without ruining your Stealth attempt. You must still make Stealth checks when you move, as normal.

Quick Crawler
XP Cost: 270
When squeezing through a tight space, you may spend a swift action to move 10 feet further than you would normally be able to, up to a maximum of your normal speed. Alternately, you may use this swift action to increase the distance you can travel while prone with a move action by 10 feet.

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