Skrailing Tribe
Plural Skrailings
Modifiers +2 Constitution
Special Abilities Sword Bonus, Defensive
Disadvantage Superstitious
Homeland The Broken Lands
Language Skrailing Names

The Skrailings are two closely related tribes; the yellow-haired Ymir and red-haired Thule. All are blue-eyed and pale-skinned, with tall and powerful physiques. Skrailings are fierce warriors, proud and honorable. With white hot enthusiasm they pursue life, facing death fearlessly with a song on their lips. They are giant men who value honor, loyalty and reputation above all things, for their land is harsh.

Culture: The Skrailings are descendants of the pre-Cataclysmic nation of Vanyr (possibly with some Aslanti blood). The Skrailing have a loose collection of clans, each ruled by a chieftain who lives in a great hall about which the tribal village is built. A king is a chieftain who has consolidated more than one tribe or clan under his rule. A chieftain is the head of a tribe or clan and usually owns around 18 farms. The chieftain has the social responsibility of enforcing the laws of society. A chieftain is expected to be generous in all things and to protect the honor of the clan against outsiders. The chieftain must be a good leader, a powerful warrior, an excellent speaker and an inspiration to his men. Jarls are those who have sworn allegiance to the king or chieftain and fight by his side. The Jarls are the upper class. Below them are the commoners: landowners and land-workers.

Religion: Skrailings worship Atali the Frost Giant Queen, who lures men from stricken fields into the wastelands to be slain by her brothers, Orm and Njiord. She and her family are probably worshipped for appeasement rather than from love. There are also local tribal gods, the ancestral heroes of the tribes who have become deified. Life in the Broken Lands is meant to be embraced with savage enthusiasm and death is to be met in the same manner. The Skrailings believe in an afterlife and the afterlife often mirrors how one lives life and meets one’s doom. For the common folk, the afterlife is dull and dreary, a life spent gathering and serving the warriors. For valiant warriors, however, the afterlife is filled with fighting and feasting in the snowy plains and halls of Nifhelm.

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