The cost for all slaves should be halved if the slave is particularly rebellious or unpleasant. By the same token, double the price of any slave that is especially hardworking and/or submissive. If beauty is a desirable trait for the buyer, a slaver may further double the price for an exceptionally attractive slave (Charisma 15 or more).

To be able to sell the slave at a price given for a class other than commoner, the slaver must first be aware of the slave’s character class and then provide visible proof of it, particularly in the case of noble slaves. Otherwise, all slaves are worth no more than commoners. Slaves with more than one class have the combined cost of all their class levels.

Type Cost (sp)
Commoner, male 10 per HD
Commoner, female 30 per HD
Noble, male 150 per HD
Noble, female 200 per HD
Witch or Scholar 50 per HD
Fighter, Olympian, or Scout 40 per HD
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