Slow Torture (Sorcery)

Prerequisite: Magic attack bonus +2.

Benefit: When you torture a victim to death in a ritualistic manner for at least fifteen minutes you gain 1 MP point for every full 3 hp they had to start with. If you are able to spin the process out for an hour or more, you gain 1 MP point for every full 2 hp they had at the start of the torture. The victim must be bound or otherwise helpless. If for some reason you need to know how much damage you have inflicted on them at some time part way through the process (for example, if the victim is rescued before you finish them off), assume that you inflicted a minimum of 1d3 hit points damage for every five minutes, If you kill them before the 15 minutes is up, you only gain 1 EP point for every full 4 hp they had, just as with a standard ritual sacrifice.

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