Prerequisites: Ranged Combat
XP Cost: 300

Starting Ability

A sniper only takes a -10 penalty when sniping, and may attempt to hide after making a ranged attack as a swift action. He may also attempt to move at his full speed while hiding without taking the normal -5 penalty on the check.


XP Cost:270
When you use a full-round action to make a single ranged attack with a bow, you may add your Wisdom modifier as a bonus to your attack roll (on top of your Dexterity modifier).

Cover the Ground
XP Cost: 540
You may threaten any squares threatened by creatures you hit in the previous round. If anyone moves through those squares, you may make an Attack of Opportunity against them with your ranged weapon. This does not allow you to take more Attacks of Opportunity than you are normally allowed.

Deadly Aim
XP Cost: 270
You may add your Dexterity modifier to damage rolls while using ranged weapons.

Distracting Attack
XP Cost: 540
Any opponent you hit with a ranged attack is considered to be flanked for the subsequent round.

XP Cost: 1,080
When using a bow, you suffer half the normal penalty (-1 instead of -2) for each range increment beyond the second, and take no penalties whatsoever for the second, effectively doubling your normal range.

Light Step
XP Cost: 540
You can move through broken terrain at your normal speed without incurring any penalties.

Peerless Archer
XP Cost: 810
Once per encounter, may ignore cover and concealment (except for total cover or concealment) with one ranged attack against an opponent.

Perfect Stealth
XP Cost: 1,620
You may hide without cover or concealment as long you are in natural terrain.

Ranged Trip
XP Cost: 540
As a full-round action, you may make a Trip attempt with your ranged attack. Make a normal ranged attack. If the attack hits, it does normal damage. In addition, you make a trip attempt using your Wisdom instead of your Strength, and with a bonus equal to 1/2 of your Hit Dice. This attack does not provoke an attack of opportunity. The target may not make an attempt to trip you if your attempt fails. You may attempt to trip targets of any size.

Sharp Focus
XP Cost: 540
The critical threat range of your ranged attacks with a bow increases by 1.

Trackless Step
XP Cost: 270
You leave no trail in any surroundings and cannot be tracked. You may choose to leave a trail if you choose.

XP Cost: 810
When you successfully use a ranged attack against an opponent who is completely unaware of your presence, your weapon's critical range is tripled. As long as the opponent does not know your exact location, he is considered flat-footed against your ranged attacks.

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