Snuff The Blinding Flame

Umbra Magic
340 XP

MP Cost: 2
Components: S
Casting Time: One standard action
Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft. per two levels
Target: One natural light source
Duration: Instantaneous
Magic Attack Roll: Rolls against the area of the light source

This spell is a simple enough application of the shadow sorcerer’s dislike of light. By reaching out and grabbing the air symbolically, the sorcerer fills the area around a single light source (torch, campfire, lantern and so on) with the cold of darkness – snuffing it out completely. This does not make the light source unable to be relit; it merely extinguishes it for the moment. The sorcerer’s magic attack roll must meet a certain level before the spell will be able to put out larger lights. This is calculated on the following table.

Magic Attack Result Maximum Light Source Extinguishable
5 – 9 Candle, wick, cigar, or pipe
10 – 14 Torch, lantern
15 – 19 Candelabra, flaming brand
20 – 24 Campfire, chandelier
25 – 29 Bonfire
30 or higher House fire
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