Spider Priest

XP Cost: 350
Prerequisites: Astrological Prediction, Forbidden Lore (Lao Te Zhou) 4 ranks.

The Spidersect cult has long held sway over the courts of Ghendai - their power predates even the coming of the Nagaraja and the cult of Yag. For centuries, the priests of Lao Te Zhou have maintained a massive network of agents and informants, using a combination of blackmail, murder, and religious authority. There power extends beyond these subtle techniques, however - the spider god's knowledge has given them many brutal tools when the situation calls for them.

Starting Ability

The Spider Priest can communicate with any spiderkind creature as a free action. Mindless creatures can communicate and understand only extremely simple concepts (one word at best), but they generally don't try to eat someone who communicates with them.


Advanced Spider Form
XP Cost: 10th level
Prerequisite: Spider Form
You may take the form of a Tiny or Huge monstrous spider. Resuming normal form requires a standard action but does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

Compel Spiders
XP Cost: 4th level
You gain the ability to command any spider or spiderkind creature in the same way that a Scholar can rebuke or command creatures. You can attempt to command spiders a number of times per day equal to 3 + you Charisma modifier.

Intensify Poison
XP Cost: 500
Prerequisite: Rebuke ability, or Compel Spiders ability
You can spend a rebuke undead attempt to speed up the effects of poison, affecting all creatures within 20 feet of you. Any poisoned creature in the area that has not yet attempted its saving throw against the poison’s secondary effect must do so immediately. (This takes the place of the saving throw at the end of the normal poison duration).

Poison Bite
XP Cost: 2nd Level
Your saliva is poisonous when ingested by or introduced into the bloodstream of another creature. You can inject this venom while grappling a foe that has exposed skin by making a successful grapple check. The Fortitude DC to resist this poison is 10 + 1/2 your HD + your Constitution modifier. The initial and secondary damage ratings are the same (1d4 points of Strength damage). Your kiss is also poisonous, and you can use your saliva to poison food or drink, though when the poison is ingested, the save DC is reduced by 2.

Spider Blast
XP Cost: 15th level
Once per day, you can produce a 50-footlong, cone-shaped blast of extremely poisonous, normal-sized spiders. Every creature within the area of the blast takes 5d4 points of damage and must make 1d4 Fortitude saves against poison (DC 10 + your Magic Attack Bonus + your Constitution modifier; 1d6 points of Strength damage for both initial and secondary damage). Each creature is also allowed a Reflex save at the same DC for partial effect: Success means the victim takes half damage and need make only one Fortitude saving throw against poison (though the second saving throw normally required against a poison's secondary effect still applies). The spiders fade away at the end of your turn. This ability can be taken multiple times. Each time it is taken, you may use the ability an additional time per day.

Spider Form
XP Cost: 7th level
You may transform into a Small, Medium, or Large monstrous spider three times per day. Resuming normal form requires a standard action but does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

Spider Servant
XP Cost: 10th level
Prerequisite: Animal Ally
You gain a Large monstrous spider as an animal ally, as the spell.

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